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Q: Last Updated
A: 12th April 2009
Q: How do I buy an image ?
A: All you have to do is note which gallery your viewing. Note down the image number and then send that info to me via email.

The image number appears in the top left hand corner of the image when it is in the middle of the screen. You can right click on the image you want and click on "Open image in new window" that way you can isolate the image and it's number.

Example: Nationals 2009: Womens XC IMG_8230
Kellevie 24 2009: Gallery 4 IMG_0970

Click here to email which ones you like.

You can then pay by Paypal, Cheque, or Direct Deposit. as listed for prices here: Click here for prices.

Then what happens is after payment, I'll make the images available to you to download on the web page for one month. After that period of time I'll retire the link I gave you.
Q: I want to pay by credit card, can I ?
A: Unfortunately no. I accept payment through Paypal, Cheque, Cash or Direct deposit only.
Q: What is your Paypal email ?
A: tony@tonyjross.com
Q: I don't want to pay via Creditcard via Paypal can I direct deposit into your account please ?
BSB: 017312
ACCOUNT: 499635178
Q: How long does it take for my prints to be printed ?
A: Most orders are printed within 2 to 5 working days of your order being placed.
Q: Who does the printing ?
A: Print orders are professionally serviced by Stallard's Camera House - Hobart.
Q: Why don't you have an E-Commerce site with a checkout and basket etc ?
A: It costs too much to have that kind of a system.
Q: Can I have a full sized image for free ?
A: Since it costs money to buy equipment and maintain a web page, the answer is "No" Sorry.
Q: Can I pay for a full sized image ?
A: You sure can see the prices page for details.
Q: Arent your prices wrong ? One photographer from the same event is charging a lot less than you do.
A: I charge what I think is reasonable for the time effort and costs I put into taking shots. Most photographers charge more than I do.

Maybe the photographer you saw selling their shots for a low rate, don't think their shots are worth it ?

I tend to think that having a momento of yourself, family member or friend in a permanent record is worth going without a bought lunch and a coffee for one day.
Q: Are you a professional photographer ?
A: Technically no, but the only difference between a professional photographer and one that isn't, in my opinion, is that one makes enough money from their shots enough to live on.
Q: How come you didn't shoot my event ?
A: I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to shoot your event. I have a day job to pay my bills and I can't get to every event.
Q: I'm just starting out in event photography, can I rent/borrow your gear ?
A: No.
Q: How did you take that shot ?
A: Send me an email with a link to the image I shot, and I'd be happy to tell you.
Q: I found a mistake on your web page what should I do ?
A: It's important that you don't panic ! Take a deep breath close your eyes and think of a nice calm place, like the surface of a very calm blue ocean.
Once your calm send me an email here and share your experience with me.
Q: When will my event be online ?
A: Most events I shoot will be online within one week of the event. It takes time to deliver images at a high standard so please be patient.
Q: Can I buy a DVD/CD of your images ?
A: Sure ! See my prices page.
Q: Can I use your images for sponsorship deals ?
A: Send me an email, I'm always wrapped to hear that I can help you do your thing through me doing mine !. If I can help you I will.
Q: What's with the fish in your logo ?
A: I'm a Piscean and I act like a Fish at times too. I have a short memory problem and tend to get distracted by things easily. Besides I think it's a cool logo !
Q: Why do you take photo's ?
A: Action photography, just like all photography, can be an illusive thing.
You can stand under a blazing sun or torrential rain waiting for that "Keeper" shot and you do it because you love capturing people following their passion, so you can share it with others.

I take photo's because I want to capture what people do, so it inspires others to do the same thing.

Tasmania has a wealth of outdoor activities and scenery, it's a photographers playground !

I've been shooting MTB's since 2005 when I heard about a MTB race at the Glenorchy MTB park and since then I've shot most major MTB events around the state.

My hope is that I can continue to learn how to capture moments in time, for years to come.

Moments in life are fleeting, photography preserves them.
Q: Why didn't you take a shot like ........
A: I didn't take a shot like that because I didn't think to or want to at the time. But thanks for the suggestion I'll consider doing that next event !
Q: What kind of equipment are you using.
A: Canon professional equipment. Canon 1d Mark III etc.
Q: Why do you live in Tasmania ?
A: I love answering this question ! I live in Tasmania because from my limited understanding of the world, that it's actually at the top of the world on a map. I have to be right in this assumption because they drew the map upside down but everyone got so used to the map the wrong way around that they left it.

Think about it, Tasmania is an arrow shape and it's pointing up. If maps are drawn correctly, that arrow would point up.

I take full rights to this comment and if used in any advertising campaign I expect to be paid exorbitant amounts of money so I can fund an expedition around the world to prove that Tasmania is indeed at the top of the world. If proven incorrect I will write a book about my adventures and donate all the proceedings to advertiser in question. - 12th April 2009.

Pictures courtesy maps.google.com
Map Wrong Map Right
Q: The Azailias in my driveway aren't blooming. Have I used too much fertiliser ?
A: Um, I think you may have come to the wrong web page ?
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